Sunday, May 8, 2011

Diet: Day 38

Oh boy, the march continues.

This was actually yesterday (Saturday) morning, bringing my total on day 38 to 15.8lbs lost. Shortly after this photo was taken I was on my way to the local doughnut shop for a dozen and few creme filled. I binged. I must have eaten 7 or so doughnuts before the pressure in my sugar deprived head began to rise and experienced such a sharp rise blood glucose that it made me dizzy. It was awesome. I had planned on a cheat weekend anyway, since we had family in town for mother's day and cheat I did.

At lunch I practically coated a Chick-fil-a chicken sandwich in Polynesian sauce and gobbled it up with a large order of waffle fries and some sweet tea.

For supper it was Outback, and all the bread, toowoomba pasta, and bloomin' onion my gullet could stow away. Then home for fistfuls of chocolate chip cookies and milk. Bam! I feel like a million bucks.

I'll get a fresh start Monday morning and resume the journey to skinny. But this weekend it was nice to feel normal. To actually get nourishment was refreshing. I feel in some ways renewed and ready to take on the challenge of another 15lbs.

My slow weight loss has proved beneficial in retaining muscle and strength. I feel good in the gym and I can tell I've lost a little strength, but not much. So I feel like my losses have not been much in terms of muscle (what everyone should strive to retain).

So there you go, 272, here I come.