Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Big Year Ender: Training, Tweets and Links Oct,Nov,Dec 2014

Well this is it, another year down. Here is a recap of the last few months.  Happy 2015.

I was going to take picture of my training log and do a lot of the usual run down complete with pictures, ect. but the time and effort to document the last 3 months of training would be repetitive and not worth it. But here is a brief synopsis for the both of you that may be inerested in what I'm doing in the gym.

October - lot of squats, bench, deadlifts and whatever I wanted to do with no plan or direction.
November - Volume, Volume, Volume, lots of 5 x 5's, multiple low rep sets in squats, lots of accessory work, especially upper back, and bodybuilding movements.
December - speed, low reps sets, lighter weight, chains bands, modest accessory movements

as and aside, I'll be focusing on strength in January, so the bar weight will be going up, sets/reps will decrease and accesory movements will be limited. The last week will be off completely. Which will set up the plan for the rest of the year. 

Month 1 - volume
Month 2 - speed
Month 3 - strength/load the bar then a week off ... generally speaking... 

What can I say, an imperfect plan is better than no plan at all. At least this way I'm not training multiple qualities at once which, for me, in this season of life is just fine.