Monday, January 2, 2012

Favorite Strongman #3 - Hugo Girard

I know, it's been a while, but it's the new year and I'm back on track. #3 on the list is the All-Canadian nice guy Hugo Girard. 6 time World Strongest Man finalist (1998 - 2004) (highest place was 4th in 1999, hands down the strongest man never to podium in WSM), North America's Strongest Man twice, won the World Muscle Power Championship 4 times, Won Strongman Super Series in 2002.  He, of course, also dominated the Canadian strongman scene for a decade. 
Unfortunately his career, particularly later, was marred by injury. The most shocking of which was at the 2006 Mohegan Sun Grand Prix where, after owning the first event, he tears his patellar tendon on the Conan's Wheel. It was a real shame too, Pudzianowski was there and a veteran Girard looked poised to give him all he could handle. Such a shame, another injury at the Canada's Strongest Man contest in 2008 cause him to bid a tearful goodbye to strongman competition. 

Why I like him:

  • Met his wife after she posted an add in the local paper requesting help moving a refrigerator in exchange for a home cooked meal. Brilliant... Ladies if you want to trap yourself a good man, and especially a  big 'ole strongman like Hugo, the way to his heart is through his stomach. 
  • Kept on keeping on despite injury after injury, there is definitely a lot of merit in that.
  • I consider him one of the veterans of the sport, and when I got interested in strongman, he was always  a favorite to watch
  • Excellent overhead presser especially dumbbell and axle
  • He's French-Canadian, what's not to love about a modern day Louis Cyr
  • From the documentary film Strongman, Seems like a nice average Joe with a heart of gold. 
  • Seems to be secure in himself enough to wear pink alot...

Here are a few more resources on Hugo for those interested