Thursday, February 27, 2014

Strongman New Year

Last year I went crazy and made up a Holiday.

You can read about that here

It might just be my favorite holiday. There isn't the obligation of buying gifts of equal or greater value than those you'll receive from people you really don't like anyway, no television specials, no decorations to speak of, and you don't have to balance the time spent with various family units so that no one gets their feelings hurt... There ins't anything required except to plan some good warm weather training, get outside, get stronger and enjoy what you love... Picking up heavy things.

It's beautiful really...  It's called Strongman Eve (February 28th) and Strongman New Year (March 1st).

And typically it coincides nicely with The Arnold Strongman Classic.
Photo Courtesy Of Thor Bjornsson's Instagram, meeting with Arnold before the contest kicks off tomorrow.
So, the strongmen are ready and will take the stage at the Arnold, and I'll follow along and smile as the Strongman New Year marks the beginning of a steady pull toward spring.

But I would be remiss if I didn't at least mention one competitor that won't make it to the Arnold this year.

On November 28th, 2013, Mike Jenkins passed away in his sleep. He wasn't just strongman, he was a husband and mentor to troubled youth and the embodiment of someone who uses their size and strength to bring about a lot of good in this world.

I shed real, honest tears when I learned of his death. I never met him, but was thankful to been able to watch him compete live at the 2011 World's Strongest Man in Charlotte North Carolina.

In 2012, after rising up from amateur ranks and winning his way to the top. Mike Jenkins won the Arnold Strongman Classic against the likes of Derek Poundstone, Brian Shaw, and Zydrunas Savickas... The best there are...  Afterwards someone captured this sweet moment between he and his wife.  To me reminiscent of Rocky saying "Yo Adrian... We did it..."

His presence in the strongman community will be sorely missed.

Happy Strongman New Year everyone.