Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Does a Body Good

This was the top shelf of our refrigerator a couple of days ago. It was so beautiful I had to take a picture. Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, famously, in Pumping Iron "milk is for babies". He was correct. Milk is for babies and people who want to get wicked big and strong. Right now I'm going through a gallon of whole milk every two or three days. Usually mixed with couple of scoops of my EAS Sam's Club protein powder (the vanilla is pretty good and 30$ for 5lbs).

My almost three year old daughter is underweight, I mean not even on the chart underweight. When we got her from the Russian orphanage she was malnourished and would eat anything you put in front of her. Our pediatrician told us to do whatever we could to get extra calories in her. She told us nothing but whole milk to drink, and to put butter in everything she eats. The more calories, the better. It was music to this old strongman's ears. I happen to be a weight gain expert. So, now, not only does she drink almost nothing but organic whole milk, but it is usually laced with carnation instant breakfast, or whey protein, or melted ice cream. Plus we give her anything and everything she wants in the way of food. I've often said to Allison (my wife) that we check our ego at the dinner table and try get as much food down her as we can coax. The result? I don't know if she's on the chart yet, but she gained a little weight, grew 3/4 of an inch last month, her hair and nails are growing like weeds, and we've already outgrown clothes that were too big for her in Russia in early spring... And she hasn't even touched a barbell... yet.

So, Milk, it does a body, almost any body good.

I'm headed to my hometown this weekend and The Boman Family is going to visit Gilmer Dairy Farm, which is owned by former a high school classmate and friend, Mr. Will Gilmer. And we are going to show my cute girl where this magic, muscle making, weight gaining elixir comes from... And hopefully pet a few cows.

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